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Is your website legally compliant and does it look “Outstanding?”

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Our best-selling training event “How to make your school website Legal and ‘Outstanding'” is coming to a town near you!

Does your school website comply with the latest legislation? And, even IF it is legally compliant, does your school website make your school look amateurish or unprofessional? If you want your school website to be more effective, this is the training for you.


1. How to ensure your school website complies with the law.
2. Why your website can set you up for an “Outstanding” Ofsted.
3. What an “Outstanding” school website looks like.
4. Nine things that should go on your front page.
5. Content Management Systems and website packages.
6. Six techniques to improve your school website.


Anyone with an interest in your school website will enjoy the course, including:- Headteachers; Sixth Form Heads; Deputy Heads; Assistant Heads; Bursars; School Business Managers; Members of the SMT/SLT; ICT Managers; Finance Officers; Communications Officers; Marketing or PR Officers, and; Governors. The course is delivered in plain English – not jargon.


State and Independent Schools, including: nurseries, Sure Start centres, children’s centres, infant schools, primary schools, junior schools, middle schools, secondary schools, academies, free schools, grammar schools, special schools, UTCs, colleges and sixth forms.


Paul Sample is the UK’s foremost authority on reputation management for schools. The author of “Managing your School’s Reputation,” and “How to survive an on Social Media”, published by Optimus Education, Paul is often described as the UK’s “School Marketing Guru.” His company specialises in school mobile application and website development. He has worked with hundreds of state and independent schools, including some of the largest Academy projects in the country. Paul has helped many Headteachers to make the strategic changes needed to turn the reputation of their schools around.


If you would like to speak to the trainer, please call us on: 01722 237288 – or e-mail us on: – and we’ll be happy to help.


22nd September 2015 – Yeovil
23rd September 2015 – Gloucester
24th September 2015 – Brighton
29th September 2015 – Oxford
30th September 2015 – Reading

1st October 2015 – Basingstoke
6th October 2015 – Manchester
7th October 2015 – Birmingham
8th October 2015 – Bristol
13th October 2015 – Luton
14th October 2015 – London
15th October 2015 – Eastleigh
20th October 2015 – Amesbury


The course fee is £99.99 per delegate. The fee includes refreshment and a course booklet.


Book on-line at

You can book via credit card, PayPal or request an invoice.

A good book

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I’ve just finished a fascinating little book in the “Leading Schools in the 21st Century” series, entitled “Public Relations, Marketing and Development – Essays in leadership for changing times”. It is published for the Independent schools sector by John Catt Educational Ltd.

The book has a number of interesting essays by school marketing experts on the thorny issue of how to communicate with parents, recruit and retain students, and handle everything from Open Days to DVDs and websites. It makes interesting reading, not just for the private sector, but for state schools as well – and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Of course, most of the advice is plain good common sense – but then, so much of the best practice in school marketing is. The biggest lesson of all, perhaps, is to put yourself in the shoes of the customer – and work out why anyone should send their child to you.

If you are trying to market your independent school, buy the book from Amazon now

How your independent school can get more applicants with inbound marketing

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I’m increasingly asked to recommend new strategies for maximising pupil recruitment in the independent school sector.  I get asked to plug loads of books and blogs, but this one from the US caught my eye recently. It looks at work undertaken by a co-educational private school, called Sewickley Academy, in Pittsburg (

Sewickley adopted inbound marketing in 2008 after the recession, when they started to see their inquiries decline month after month. They tried throwing more money at traditional marketing channels, including poster hoardings and direct mail, which didn’t increase any of their “interest indicators” – inquiries, applicants and on-site visits – and it was expensive too.


They realised that they needed to stop talking about Sewickley, and start talking in general about private schools in the Pittsburgh area through online channels.

  • Content Strategy. Sewickley focused their content strategy by developing personas for different families in the area. They found that there were different personas based on where the family lived in relation to the school, i.e. North, South, closer to Pittsburgh, and in the school’s neighbourhood.


  • Paid Ads Strategy. Sewickley took advantage of Google ads and Facebook ads. In the beginning, they targeted keywords and phrases that they were writing about so they could attract traffic while building up authority on the topics with organic blog content.


  • Social Media Strategy. They recognised that an effective social media strategy supported their content strategy and provided them with new channels to promote it. They’ve found that social media also serves as a retention tool, so they can easily engage with families and students.

Have a look at the paper (and see if you spot the plug for the book!)