I was really pleased to meet someone on the Manchester course who had bought my book on school reputation management. Never a week goes by without a school hitting the headlines – often for the wrong reasons. It happened to one of my regular clients – Sir John Cass’s Foundation and Red Coat Church of England Secondary School – last year. You will have read about it in your daily newspaper and seen it on national TV.

Most schools take the attitude that it “will never happen to us.” But, of course, it does. Nearly a third of my book is devoted to dealing with threats to a school’s reputation:

  • Where to get support in a PR crisis;
  • How to prepare for managing a PR crisis;
  • What to communicate, to whom and how;
  • How to rehearse who does what.

There are lots of practical tools and templates to help you:

  • Write a press release;
  • Manage a crisis one step at a time;
  • Put together a crisis statement.

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